There is Royalty In Gotham

Black Camelot's Dawn On-Sale 11/15/2020

Donald Alexander, Kwame Mills, Samantha Rivers, and their highly regarded group of friends have been named the Black Camelot crew by the Celebrity Hack Patrol, Gotham's top celebrity gossip reporters.

They are brilliant, talented, stylish, fabulously wealthy ---and following The Harris Simmons Murders have become perfect subjects for the kind of gossip the city covets.

Black Camelot's emergence angers legendary white supremacist groups and leads to armed forces being dispatched to Gotham to wreak havoc and bring Black Camelot to an end.  

But the Black Camelot crew are more than just rich and talented. Before his death, Oliver Harris, the Harris Simmons family patriarch, led their initiation into the world's most exclusive and powerful secret society.  It is a membership that gives them the power and protection only equaled by heads of state---and most importantly, a private army.

And the drop-dead gorgeous redhead Dawn Davis Stuart, nicknamed Madame Hot Temper, has returned to Gotham looking to settle some scores. She left in disgrace after shooting her estranged husband in a strip club, served a jail sentence, remarried, and left Gotham. She's back now, after the divorce of her second husband, and the city is excited about her return.