About The Author: Darius Myers


The Publisher’s Dilemma is the debut novel for Darius  Myers. He is excited to introduce the primary characters Donald Alexander and Kwame Mills to readers in this first novel that will be part of a series of  thrilling mysteries.  The Publisher’s Dilemma will take readers on the journey with Alexander and  Mills, as they navigate dramatic and suspenseful events as leaders at the renowned Harris Simmons Media Company. The second and third novels in this series are tentatively scheduled for release in early and late 2020, respectively.


Mr. Myers is a New York City based fiction writer.  Prior to his work as a novelist Mr. Myers was a highly regarded media and marketing industry executive. His 30 year background includes work at venture backed early stage and entrepreneurial media companies in senior, C-Level roles. He has also held marketing, sales and team leadership roles at best in class media companies that include Time Inc (Fortune and Sports Illustrated), Gannett (USA Today) and the CBS Magazine Group (now Hachette Magazines). 


Mr. Myers has an undergraduate degree in communications with a focus on journalism from the CW Post College of Long Island University.  He also received an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University where he attended as a Time Warner Scholar.